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Brighton Belle Donations

To help us return this wonderful train to the mainline, become a Friend of the Brighton Belle by making regular financial contributions. We have organised this to make it easier for people to contribute in smaller amounts over a long period.

You can also offer us a lump sum of any value as you wish, and we shall be extremely grateful. By pulling together, we can bring back the Brighton Belle so much more quickly. 

Unfortunately Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs believe that scheme with benefits are liable for certain VAT payments. It seems that the ‘official’ view is that ‘you’ only give the sums that you do in order to receive the benefits. We strove in vain to convince officialdom that for Brighton Belle this was not the case, but alas, we have had to pay back some VAT from your kind donations . We have to be philosophical about this as it seems that tax avoiders have been seeking to skip VAT with ‘benefit’ schemes where people ARE ‘donating’ money specifically for the benefits. Thus we must remove benefits that can be construed as being VAT liable. Sorry – we still get Gift Aid on your subscription/donations, so please keep giving – your generosity means a lot to us!

For the moment therefore the benefits are withdrawn from the scheme to make sure that we come into line with HMRC rules. There’s a new funding scheme to add – so changes will be along soon.

To become a Donor Friend, make a lump sum donation here using our secure server. If you donate via the Charities Aid Foundation, you can donate here, entering our registered charity number 1133545 or put Brighton Belle into the search box.

If you want to make a small donation, click here for our secure server.